CineArts Academy

Discover the legacy of Cinearts Academy through its illustrious former faculty, whose expertise and passion have left an indelible mark. From award-winning filmmakers to seasoned cinematographers, these educators brought a unique blend of industry experience and academic prowess to our classrooms. While some have moved on to new endeavors, their impact continues to resonate in the success of our alumni. Occasionally, these revered teachers may still grace us with their presence through special projects or guest lectures. Cinearts Academy stands as a testament to the enduring influence of these exceptional educators.

At CineArts Academy, we meticulously select our instructors by prioritizing candidates with a robust work experience and educational background from top-tier universities. This stringent criterion ensures that our instructors possess the necessary practical knowledge and academic excellence to provide our students with a high-quality and well-rounded learning experience.

Michael Issa El Helou

Doctorat En Études Cinématographiques

Theodor Abdo

Executive Producer, Filmmaker

Aly Al Sawda

CEO at Times Square Publishing

Nouhad El Haddad

Filmmaker, Director and Video Editor

Sam Sakhle

Filmmaker, Director and 3D Animator

Nariman Zahran

Filmmaker, Videographer and Cinematographer

Mohamad Saad

Film Producer, Script Writer and Senior Editor

Tia Chekrallah

Digital and Motion Graphics Designer

Farah Hindawi

Filmmaker, Cinematographer and Photographer

Judy Aswad

Creative Arts consultant and Drama Instructor

Ahmed Iram

Filmmaker and Digital Creator

Nour Shrayteh

News Writer, Reporter and Journalist

Roland Zsigmond

Animation Director and Video Editor

Hanan Kublawi

TV Assistant Producer, Reporter and News Writer

Oliver Petrica

Media Producer, Video Editor and Animator

Every semester, a fresh cohort of passionate educators eagerly joins our academy, bringing with them a diverse range of experiences and insights. These dedicated individuals seamlessly integrate into our academic community, where they collaborate with our carefully crafted curriculum. This dynamic blend of seasoned expertise and innovative teaching approaches ensures that our students receive a well-rounded education, fostering an environment of continual growth and excellence. Together, we embark on a journey of learning and discovery, enriching the academic tapestry of our institution with each new semester.