CineArts Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Certificates

Yes! After you finish all of the required courses including the capstone project, you will receive a digital Certificate. If you wish to have a physical copy of the certificate shipped to you, you have to pay for the shipping and printing service.

Student Graduation Process

For a student to graduate from a program, they should navigate to the My Courses page on the mobile app and click on “Request Graduation”.

Once the request is submitted to the administration, they will meticulously review the student’s grades and report. The student will be promptly informed whether the graduation request is declined, approved, or needs further verification. Following the administration’s decision, sent directly to the student on the mobile app, a dedicated section will display the administration’s reply. In case of approval, the administration’s reply, digital certificate, and transcript – including distinctions if applicable – will all be conveniently accessible on the same graduation page.

Class Attendance

Students are accountable for attending live classes, as attendance will be recorded. Failure to participate in at least four live sessions, irrespective of completing exams and assignments, will result in the exclusion of their grade for the course. However, if a student cannot attend live classes, they must submit a petition at the beginning of the semester, explaining their circumstances. The administration will review and follow up on such petitions.

Money Transfer Through OMT

To send money through OMT in Lebanon, you will need the following:

  • Your valid government issued ID or Passport.
  • The receiver’s first and last names: Mohamad Sakhle
  • The receiver’s phone number: 81 140 850
  • The amount you wish to send.

You will get a receipt which you will use in order  to pay for any service or product at CineArts Academy.

Capstone Project Grading

Your project will be showcased in the mobile app’s Showcase section. The grade will be divided into two, with half based on the Academy Jury Review, and the remaining half on student interactions. The student interactions will include collaborative efforts, feedback, and engagement within the app’s community. This comprehensive evaluation ensures a holistic assessment of your project’s quality and your active involvement in the Academy’s mobile platform.

Petition Payments

Previously, petitions incurred charges; however, this fee has now been waived, and all petitions are completely free of charge for students.

Course Registration

Course registration is available year-round, enabling students to enroll in available courses via the mobile app, starting from just one course without a maximum limit. It’s important to note that the previous system, where students selected courses needing administrative approval, is no longer in use.

Additionally, students are advised to carefully manage their course selections in accordance with prerequisites, which can be checked on the website under the Academic tab. Keep in mind that each semester features a unique set of available courses, and the timetable exclusively showcases live courses. Self-study courses, on the other hand, remain accessible throughout every semester for continuous enrollment.

Academic Deadlines and Extension Requests

Students are no longer permitted to request extensions beyond the deadlines established by the Academy. However, in cases of urgent circumstances, students may submit a petition for consideration by the administration. Approval must be obtained before any extension is granted.

Failure to receive approval for extensions, especially for submissions involving grading, will result in automatic consideration of the submission as zero. It is imperative that students adhere to the designated deadlines for all academic requirements.

Exam and Assignment Procedures

All exams are exclusively conducted within the mobile app, and assignment submissions are made through the same platform. Certain teachers may permit students to re-edit their assignment submissions. Please ensure you follow specific instructions provided by your teachers for any re-editing possibilities.

Class Access and Notifications

Class links will no longer be sent to groups. Instead, there is a dedicated page on the mobile app for direct class access. Notifications for class timings will not be sent; students are responsible for monitoring the schedule. However, other notifications such as new lessons, corrected assignments, exams, topics, files, videos, or announcements will be immediately communicated in real-time through the mobile app. Stay informed and updated with these timely notifications.

Space Communication Guidelines

The WhatsApp, Slack, and all previous group channels are now terminated and will no longer be used. The mobile app introduces a new CineArts Academy social media feature called Space. Within Space, you can freely share your thoughts, allowing students and faculty across the entire academy to comment, like, or dislike. Additionally, a monitored community chat is available in the app for group communication at CineArts Academy. Please be aware that these features are word-sensitive, utilizing advanced filtering technology to remove inappropriate language. If you suspect any misuse, kindly report it, and we will promptly address the matter.

You are not allowed to post images without text  on space, you either can post text alone or an image with text.

Helpdesk Guidelines: Technical Issues and Extension Requests

The helpdesk, whether reached through WhatsApp, email, or phone number, will not address inquiries related to technical issues or extension requests. Messages regarding matters outside the helpdesk’s scope will go unseen and will be promptly deleted. For technical concerns or extension requests, students should follow the appropriate channels as outlined by the Academy.